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Weekly Image Gallery
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Winter Damn Winter Ducks Winter Barn
Maquoketa Damn - Winter Winter Ducks Yet Another Winter Barn
Winter Fishing Jeanne's Flowers Josh Day 75
Winter Fishing On The Mississippi Flowers For A Saint Joshua Day 75
Jeanne and Joshua D75 Josh 78 Josh 78 2
Grandma and Josh @ D75 Josh at 78 Days Ditto
Jeanne's Flowers - 3 Jeanne's Flowers 4 Jeanne's Flowers 5
Jeanne's Flowers Jeanne's Flowers Jeanne's Flowers
Mark's BD Dinner Mark's BD Dessert Joshua @ Mark's BD Dinner
Mark's Birthday Mark's Birthday Dessert Josh @ Mark's BD Dinner
Seknoic Light Meter Mississippi River Winter Winter Ice Fishing
Sekonic Light Meter Winter On The Mississippi Winter Ice Fishing
Winter Horse Trailer Snow Biker Angels
Winter Horse Trailer Snow Biker on Heritage Trail Jeanne's Angels
Iowa Sunset Foggy Moon Sun behind the clouds
Farmland Sunset Foggy Moon Rise Cloudy Sunset
Church At Sunset Church Window Sun Set Foggy Sunset
Church At Sunset Church Window Sunset Sunset in The Fog
Josh D 102 Josh Day 93 Josh Day 102

Joshua's Tongue

Joshua @ Day 93 Joshua @ Day 102
March Sunset Eagle Flight Eagle Flight 2
March 2011 Sunset Eagle At Low Altitude Eagle Rising
Sitting Eagle Eagle flight 3 Two Eagles
Sitting Eagle Eagle Flight Two Eagles
Ducks Geese Single Goose
Ducks in Formation Geese Solo Goose
Subula Gulls Subula Eagle Pair Subula Eagles Three
Gulls at Sabula Pair of Eagles @ Sabula Perfect Landing
Soaring Eagle 3 on ice Food Turf
Soaring Eagle Three On The Ice Food Turf Protection
Young Eagle Soaring Eagle Lone Eagle
Young Eagle With His Prize Soaring Eagle II Lone Eagle On The Ice
Sabula Eagle Eagle Landed Eagle Landing
Soaring High The Eagle Has Landed On Final Approach

Weekly Image Gallery
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